Design Mood Board

Collect materials for each of the three aspects of your design. These could be collected in a Scrapbook, or in an InDesign document.


PART 1: Image Styles

  • Find at least 6 photos that represent the look of your magazine
  • Find some graphics or designs that match your theme

PART 2: Typography and Colours

  • Pick fonts for the main parts of your design – if you take these from Magazines you need to find an equivalent on our computers or download a compatible font.
    • Body text (8-12 pt)
    • Captions for Photos (Similar to Body font but easily distinguished)
    • Main Headlines (30 pts or larger)
    • Secondary Headlines (16-30 compliments Main Headline)
    • Credits / Titles (6-8pts to go in edges of photos or pages)
    • Create these as styles to use in your Magazine – ask HOW if you are not sure
  • Pick a set of 5 or 6 colours you will use in your magazine
    • Save the colours as swatches or object styles – ask HOW if you are not sure

 PART 3: Layouts / Spreads

  • Find some examples of layouts and designs that you would like to include in your Magazine
    • 2 examples of covers you like
    • At least 3 spreads you like (a spread are two pages side by side)
    • At least 6 design elements you like (Colour bars, borders, etc)

 PART 4: Explanation

Write a two-sentence explanation why you chose each selection and what you like about it.

KEY CRITERIA: Quantity and variety of collected samples. Styles, Typography, Layout samples, neatly presented.

Video Explanation

Gallery of Samples