Photoshop decaying edges onto a photo


Use the masking skills you learned along with brush effects to create a graphic design from one of your images. The final image should look professional. The key point to this exercise is for you to get comfortable with adding and subtracting to layer masks

You will need to make 2 distinct images that look PROFESSIONAL – check if you are not sure!

– Make sure you have a good selection of brushes. (You can ’get more’ in the Brush panel)
– Open an image, make a copy by dragging onto the ‘plus’ icon, so you have a backup
– Select the person and mask them, then ‘Convert into a smart object’ and call it ‘Model’
– Duplicate your smart object layer and call it ‘effect’
– Use Filter/Liquify to stretch the image in the ‘effect’ layer to fill all of the frame (Yes it looks awful)
– Create new, ‘Solid Colour’ adjustment layer and pick any colour (You can change this later)
– Put a mask on the Model, leave this white
– Put a mask on the effect and ‘edit/Fill with black’
– Now you should have 4 layers top to bottom:
o ‘Model’ with a White mask
o ‘Effect’ with a Black mask
o A blank white layer
o Background (copy of original image)
– Now use various brushes and pre-sets to remove parts of the model (black) and add parts of the Effect layer (white)
– Keep going back and forth with a variety of brushes, sizes, textures until you get an image you like
– Take a soft white brush and bring back the face and important details of the Model layer
– Keep refining as you see fit
– Change your background colour layer by sampling part of the image – try different ones

How to Guide & Video

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