You will become part of your animation. First you will shoot a video clip then match your character to the clip, using the chromakey (transparency) feature to blend video and animation.
The Character you create here can also feature in the next project – so check both before you start!


• Watch the Sample Chromakey Animation on the Stop Motion Pro Site
• Plan an animation where you can shoot video of an action your animation character can react to.
• Pipe cleaners and foam balls are supplied, but you can also create characters from your own materials

Step 1 – Create the Materials:
• Make a storyboard, showing the action you plan to animate (both yours and the characters)
• Create your character (1 per person on your team if doing it in groups) made of several parts
• Lego, GIJoe, Pipe Cleaner, Clay – your choice – you supply the Materials or Puppet
• Shoot the video you will use as a ‘background’

Step 2 – Set up the Shoot:
• Connect a Webcam and open Stop Motion Pro
• Set up a ‘stage’ with a uniform background colour.
• Adjust the Chromakey and shoot frame-by-frame as in the demo video.
• Animate your Character with Attitude!
• Remember the Characterization questions you just completed
• If you do this in groups, each character should display a unique attitude and reaction!

Step 3 – Render and submit:
• Render your animation as an AVI File (You have to use Shot and Reference frames in source dialogue box)


Storyboard with arrows, one character per person with moving parts, reference Video shot well, characters react to video, movement shows attitude


Add titles, credits and sound for bonus marks.

Explanation Video

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