Name Card



Throughout the course, every time you take a roll of pictures, your first shot has to be of your name – so we can identify the films hanging up to dry. (And sheets of Negatives you forget to clean up).
You need to make a large sign with your name, which you can use all year. Make it something personal, something that represents you. You will get a sheet protector, so you can keep this sheet in your binder.


A letter size sheet of paper
Your name in large lettering, Solid Dark (Black) Ink, at least 4” high
Do something creative, but still easy to read. – I have to know who it is
Include your BLOCK in the design.
Decorate it with images that say something about you
Get a Sheet protector for your Name Card and Submit.

KEY CRITERIA: Clean lines, solid DARK colour, design represents YOU

Write at least 3 sentences on the back of your sheet, explaining how the design represents you.

Gallery of Samples