Find an older image or Photograph that you find intriguing, make a copy and then try to update or personalize this image. This could be by re-taking the image (and ‘modernizing’ it) using colourization, superimposition, collage, or mixed media. This could also be done completely in photoshop or as a photo assignment!


– The connection to your ‘inspirational’ piece should still be visible, but let your imagination go wild.
– Do NOT just change the colour of parts of the image – you want to update clothing, change location or
add components to the image to show real change!
– If you do this in Photoshop, make sure things look realistic by ensuring lighting is consistent
– If you are re-photographing, have a plan how you will maintain (or change) the mood of the image
– If you are doing a collage or mixed media, include an example of a style you are trying to emulate

PROPOSAL: POINTS TO COVER – get this approved BEFORE you start!

Answer the following questions and include the required Elements in your submission.
1. Write a brief analysis of the image on the back of this sheet. Include the following:
– Where you appropriated the image
– Why you selected the image
– A description of what the image means to you
2. Attach a copy of the image
3. How do you intend to personalize the image? What format / media do you intend to use?
4. What materials will you use, and what format will your new image / object be?


Complete proposal and analysis BEFORE you start, as this determines grading!

If in Photoshop, create multiple ‘what if’ versions of the same image by changing components or elements of the images.
If working in mixed media, take photos along the way, so show the progression of your work.
Present these versions / images side-by-side in InDesign or on a Blog

Gallery of Samples