Ten of One, Two Dozen of Another


Exercise 1: Ten of One

Take 10 unique and/or abstract photographs of 1 small subject.

The smaller the subject, the more challenging this can be. A “small subject” should not be “Kitsilano.”

Exercise 2: Two Dozen of Another

Pick a location. Stand in one spot and make 24 unique photographs while standing in the same place. You cannot move your feet.

You might hit a virtual brick wall after 10-12 shots, and that will be eye-opening in many ways. It really pushes you to be creative with your gear and surroundings.

TO SUBMIT: Post your images on your Blog. If you are in Grade 11 or 12, add a short paragraph about what you found challenging about this exercise

How to Tips:

For part one:
– Pick the Right spot or object
– Try zooming, placement of your object in various locations in the frame
For part two:
– You can’t move your feet, but change the camera angle!
– Squat down, put camera on the ground
– take both landscape and portrait images

Gallery of Samples