– Teams of 1-4 people MAX

Create an Animation with a character that explores the Classroom, the Hallway, or other area close to the classroom. No need to build a Set! Just put your camera on a tripod and go!


– Claymation (you will need to buy some clay) or
– Playmobil, Smurfs, Lego, Barbie, Ken and GI Joe, or even your stuffed animals


– Create a Storyboard – where are you going, what will happen, how do characters interact?
– Each member of the team needs their own Character!
– Each Character has to take part in the story!
– Characters MUST do the following:
o Show movement – walking, crawling, whatever makes sense for that character
o Interact with each other – helping each other, working together, etc.
– Characters MUST NOT do the following:
o Fight or battle
o Get dismembered or destroyed in the process of shooting


– Storyboard
– Shoot MANY images – aim for at least 300 (20 seconds of animation)
– Import images into Animator
– Add pauses, breaks, titles and ‘effects’
– Add optional sound effects or voice-over (bonus)
– Export as DivX file with 256 colours to keep size to under 5MB


Individual Characters, follow storyboard, use of location, timing, smooth movement


Have your characters show Emotion – Through reaction, body movement, or facial expressions
– In some cases facial expressions could be added by photoshopping individual frames, but this is VERY time consuming, so try to work with movement and reaction
Add Sound (Bonus): Complete your animation and record a sound file as it plays, then combine files in Moviemaker.
Levitate (Bonus): Make your characters fly or float, using fishing line or some other tricks.

Gallery of Samples
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