Deck of Cards



In this Assignment you will use any software, photography or other material to create a Deck of Cards.
Look at an existing deck of cards for inspiration.
You will need a full deck of cards – numbered AND face cards, of 4 suits.


– 4 Suits – These do not have to be Heart, Club, Diamond and Spades, but can be unique to you.
– Cards from 2-A – face cards should be unique for each Suit.
– Make sure that the designs you use all work together and have a consistent style.
– You might want to create a template in InDesign that you modify, rather than creating each card by itself.
TIP: Create on InDesign file per suit, then it is easy to swap out the images
Create Unique designs, take your own photographs – make the deck unique.

OPTION: You can hand-draw / design these cards as well,

– for consistency, it is recommended to draw and then scan the designs and place them on cards using InDesign

List what is uniquely yours and what is taken from the WEB:
KEY CRITERIA: Consistency, unique ideas, own photos or designs, explained own work

As cards are used for poker, come up with a creative way to have Suicide Kings and One Eye Jacks as wild cards.

Sample Set