Learn Your Phone

Learn the features of your phone or camera

Explore and Explain what your phone can do well, and what it does not too well…..


Learn how to use your phone better
– Find a tutorial for your phone (Save the link)
– Figure out what settings you can use to change your photos
– Take some images that show what happens when you change settings

• Changes in Exposure (Brighter and Darker images)
• Changes in Aperture (Showing Bokeh / depth of field)
• Changes in Shutter speed (try to get some blurred motion – of the subject or the background) – go slower than 1/60th

Play with ISO – and explain what happens

SUBMIT: examples of your work with a short explanation what you learned – what worked, what did not….

How to Tips:

– Look for ‘pro’ or ‘manual’ settings
– take multiple photos of the same thing, so you can see the difference
– keep notes – or learn how to look up the ‘exif’ data for the photo – that tells you all the settings

Gallery of Samples