Learn how to take good photos with your phone or a point-and-shoot camera.
Take MANY photos in each category, but hand in only your best.

Bad photos will not count – it’s digital, and you can reshoot!


1. ZZZZOOOOOOOMING IN or OUT (A Sequence of 3 Images)
Pick a scene where zooming in or out will show the ‘compression’ that results from telephoto lenses or the
changed ‘angle of view’ that results from wide lenses
– Make sure you have objects at various distances in your image
– Take THREE shots. Wide, Medium and Tele, of the same image, from the same place.

2. Playing with Distortion (4 Different Images)
Use a wide angle and get close to show the distortion that results from wide lenses.
– Get close, so that the object fills your whole image and take MANY shots.

MACRO Photography (3 Images of different subjects)
Take some extreme close-ups – stay within 3 inches of your subject
– Set your Camera to Macro Mode (usually the flower icon) and get close

4. Selective Focus & Depth of field (Take 3 sets of 2 photos of the same scene)
Take Photos where the focus is NOT in the centre of the image.
For each set:
1 – Foreground object in focus
2 – Background object in focus
– Focus the camera by pressing the shutter half way, then hold to RECOMPOSE your image. On your phone you should be able to tap on the part of the image you want in focus – very easy!
– This works best if you zoom in a bit, and are VERY close to your near subject. – Make sure there are parts of the image NOT in focus to give you the full effect.

SUBMIT (on your Blog or as an InDesign file)

– There is an InDesign template in the Resources Team / Class Resources / templates folder


Shots as per list above, images in focus and have variety, submitted in template or grouped on Blog.

Video Explanation
Completed Sample