Learn how to take good photos with your phone or a point-and-shoot camera.
Take MANY photos in each category, but hand in only your best.

Bad photos will not count – it’s digital, and you can reshoot!


1. ZZZZOOOOOOOMING IN or OUT (A Sequence of 3 Images)
Pick a scene where zooming in or out will show the ‘compression’ that results from telephoto lenses or the
changed ‘angle of view’ that results from wide lenses
– Make sure you have objects at various distances in your image
– Take THREE shots. Wide, Medium and Tele, of the same image, from the same place.

2. Playing with Distortion (4 Different Images)
Use a wide angle and get close to show the distortion that results from wide lenses.
– Get close, so that the object fills your whole image and take MANY shots.

3. MACRO Photography (3 Images of different subjects)
Take some extreme close-ups – stay within 3 inches of your subject
– Set your Camera to Macro Mode (usually the flower icon) and get close

4. Selective Focus & Depth of field (Take 3 sets of 2 photos of the same scene)
Take Photos where the focus is NOT in the centre of the image. You will have to use your ‘Focus Lock’
For each set:
1 – Foreground object in focus
2 – Background object in focus
– Focus the camera by pressing the shutter half way, then hold to RECOMPOSE your image
– This works best if you zoom in a bit, and are VERY close to your near subject.

SUBMIT (on your Blog or as an InDesign file)

– There is an InDesign template in the Resources Team / templates folder


Shots as per list above, images in focus and have variety, submitted in template or grouped on Blog.

Video Explanation
Completed Sample