LINOCUT PRINTING (2 COLOURS for extra challenge / Graphics TWO)


Practice working with positive and negative space to create a Linocut ‘stamp’
You will design an image and then cut away the parts you do NOT want to print.
Images size should not exceed 4”x6”


1 Original Image printed / sketched
1 or 2 Stencils depending on your design
4 clean prints on GOOD paper. (Cardstock is available)

  1. Create an image on the Computer or create a sketch
  2. Get a piece of Lino and transfer your image
  3. Carve away what you do NOT want to print
  4. Work with texture to fill your negative space, do not leave ‘flat’ areas.
  5. Print at least 4 good images
    a. Use a glass plate and roller to spread ink
    b. Roll ink onto your linocut
    c. place paper over linocut
    d. Use pad to transfer ink to paper
  6. Clean up with water (do not let inks dry)

Even Cuts, used all the space, use of texture, clean well defined prints


Plan a design that uses two colours, but you need to think about how to layer or separate the two colours.
Figure out how will incorporate two colours.
• You could cut your lino into two pieces
• You could use paper masks
• You could layer colours by altering you linocut

Video Instructions

Gallery of Samples