Perspective Drawing – Oblique, 1 Point, 2 Point


Draw a simple shape and your initials in three different styles, using Oblique, One Point Perspective and Two Point perspective. (6 drawings in all)

BASIC REQUIREMENTS (Check below for step-by-step instruction.)

  1. Use blank, unlined paper. MAKE SURE TO USE A RULER!
  2. One sheet for each style of drawing, with both shapes same piece of paper.
  3. The complex shapes should be either your initials or your name.
  4. Sketch in Pencil, so you can make corrections
  5. Check with your instructor, once pencil sketch complete
  6. Erase guidelines and OUTLINE Letters in ink.
  7. Submit 6 drawings

All shapes done neatly – 6 drawings total, lines erased neatly, outlined in ink


Use colour pencils to add good shading to your images, present neatly.


1 Point


Gallery of Samples