Researched Infographic



Research a topic of interest to you and use Graphics to explain your findings.

Infographics are meant to make information easy to understand, and to attract the viewer.

These infographics can be about any topic you choose – if you can use them for another course, all the better!


Do the research – Pick a topic and gather some information BEFORE you start. Answer the questions below:

  1. What is your topic? What are the main categories in this topic?
  2. What are some statistics / facts you found – have at least SIX pieces of data.
  3. Is this list comprehensive? What else would you want to know?
  4. Show to at least two classmates and record their response and suggestions for improvement
  5. What visuals would represent the facts well, what suggestions will you incorporate?
  6. Do SIX rough sketches of infographic and/or collect images you could use to create them

Get your planning work approved

Refer to the examples and think about your infographic
-Make diagrams, graphs, or other visuals representing your facts

  • Create infographics and graphs in Adobe Illustrator
  • Refer to the tutorials and Graphics 1 Assignments

You have to use the following visual elements: a pie or donut chart, a column graph with different column designs, and an ‘image trace’ that has been made into segments. Use a common colour scheme



‘Export’ or ‘Save As’ your Infographic as a JPG or PDF file and submit along with your Illustrator file, so I can see the finished project as well as how you made it.

KEY CRITERIA: Preliminary planning, incorporation of feedback, 6 designs with common style

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