Blender 2D

Create a 2D Computer Animation

Flash is dead – long live Blender 2D

Use the idea of pivot animation with much more complex characters; add sound and backgrounds to create truly complex animations. REMEMBER: NO VIOLENCE – You are better than that!


Getting Ready:
– Watch the BLENDER 2.8 tutorials for the basics. 2.8 is new, but I tried to find some good videos for you (Let me know if you find better)

PART 1 – Skills

  • Create a simple animation (ball, block, etc.)
  • Make sure to use Key Frames and automated tools
  • Use shaping tools to exaggerate movement or impact
  • Add a flag or other object that uses a matrix and modifiers

PART 2 – Animation

  • Create your background and characters.
  • You should be able to drag in a background image onto a new layer
  • Make sure your characters have multiple parts
  • Create a Storyboard, based on your character, animation and amount of time left
  • Makes sure not to not only animate frame by frame, but to use the tools you learned
  • Remember to add moving secondary objects

Marks will be based on quality and length of product.

As the quality of your characters determined how much work goes into each frame, there is a trade-off between length and quality.


Storyboard with arrows, Use of paths, secondary object movement, complexity, length


Add sound files for extra marks, or create complex and moving backgrounds…… or do both!



Gallery of Samples

Please note, these were NOT done in Blender, but are here to give you an idea of what you can try to create – yours should be better, and if so, I will add them here!