Put all your design skills to use by creating packaging for a product. This product should be one that you have invented. By having attractive packaging, you product will sell. In order for you to understand how this packaging is put together, you should collect several packages from actual products and take them apart, so you can figure out the construction of your own product.

  • Determine what product you will design the packaging for.
    • Who will use it?
    • Who will buy it?
  • Work out the shape of the package, and how it is decorated in a sketch, before you start any cutting.
  • Create a ‘dummy package’ out of paper, so see how it would work, and work out decoration on this package.
  • At this point get your project approved
  • Create your final product IN COLOUR
    • Use cardboard, paper, the laser printer, or cut out objects.
    • You should showcase all of the computer skills you have learned so far.
  • Later, you will also create some marketing materials for your product, so keep any images you used.
  • The Final Product should have
    • Product name & Logo
    • Slogan or catch phrase
    • Some product information (ingredients, heath, warnings – it depends on the product)
    • UPC Barcode

Planning, approval, Professional Package, Complexity


– Create a simple and preferably unique way of opening and closing your package that is not just a box

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