PS Basics

PHOTOSHOP BASICS – Adjustment Layers and Selections


Learn some basic skills in photo editing. Resize, crop and transform images to make them show-worthy


1. Choose ONE NEGATIVE image from your pinhole assignment
– Plug Scanner into USB cable by your keyboard
– Use ‘SCAN’ icon in the “TOOLS” folder on desktop to start scanner
– Again choose “SCAN” (second button from the left)
– Select the box that says “Use the scanner driver” then click the green “Scan” button
– In the next window, click on “Preview” to preview your image
– Crop your image, make sure it is in ‘colour’ mode, then press “scan”
– Choose to save your image or scan more.
– Your image will be saved in a folder with today’s date in your H drive.
2. Open the image in Photoshop
3. Crop the image, choosing the best part of the image to keep – SAVE the image as a Photoshop file (*.psd)
Now use the ADJUSTMENT LAYERS (Window / Layers) to do the next steps
– The Adjustment layers (button) is the small black and white circle at the bottom right of your workspace.
– Each adjustment will make a new layer, which you can turn on and off, and edit.
4. Invert the image, so you have a positive
– (button) / Invert (make sure you have a new layer in your layers palette)
5. Adjust the Brightness and Intensity for effect
– (button) / Brightness (make sure you have a new layer in your layers palette)
6. Use masking tools to mask part of the image and modify that selection using any effect (Use at least two)
– The masking tool is the third from the top (There are various – I will show you)
7. Save the image with your name in the filename as a Photoshop file (YOURNAME.psd)
8. Drag the file from your folder to the ‘SUBMIT’ icon on the desktop to submit


Photoshop file with at least 4 layers, some that have masks that make sense for the imgage.

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