Assignments – For all Levels

Due to our current situation, I have created or modified assignments you can complete at home.

If you chose Animation this term, you will be able to create some stop motion animation(s) and I will provide you with some links and options. Please go to the ANIMATION link at the top.

If you chose to work on 3D design, I suggest you work on BLENDER 3D this term, as we will most likely not be able to print items at school.

If you chose to work on creating a Magazine, you will either need to have access to Adobe CC (Here a video on how to download it for free) working in InDesign, or you could switch to an online Magazine, creating a free site. You can find a list of free website creators here:

There are a number of assignments you can do from home, using a variety of tools, and these I have included. Before you start work, please communicate to me, what you will be working on, and what I should expect from you.

If you choose to work on a variety of Graphics Arts assignments, first create a BLOG so you have a way of submitting your completed work. If you prefer to create a website instead of a blog, this is acceptable (and maybe more flexible)