Create content for your magazine. A cover, and some content pages of your choice. The later assignments give you some criteria for content to add to your Magazine.



Design your COVER, TABLE OF CONTENTS and TWO 2 PAGE SPREADS based on your idea.

– Use the Fonts, colours and designs from your Mood board – import the styles – ask HOW if you are not sure

– Decide on phrases, subtitles and images which will appear on the cover

– Start a table of content and add items you would like to include, even if you do not have created them yet.

– Create at least two spreads of content for your magazine.

– Look at other magazines for ideas, and make it look professional

– Make a professional looking Document, using InDesign.  You can use Photoshop to create & edit images

– Create your own UPC and Publication info, or ‘borrow’ from another magazine to get the professional look.

– Create Paragraph Styles so you can be consistent throughout your publication (see how to video)

KEY CRITERIA: Professional cover (Titles, UPC, Price, Publisher) consistent fonts, at least 2 spreads

Gallery of Samples

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