AD Pieces

Advertising Pieces



You have invented or created a product and created the packaging materials.

Now create the Advertising and Promotional Material for your product.

Decide on a Marketing plan and what you would need to do to best promote your product.

Create several pieces that use the same designs or images, to create a whole ‘campaign’ for your product

(You can also pick a new product to promote, but make sure to answer Q 1 & 2)


Answer the following questions and include the required criteria in your proposal.

1. What is your product? Explain in a bit of Detail. (you can re-use your previous work for this)

2. What is your target demographic and how will you market it?

3. What pieces will you create for your ‘campaign’?

You will need 3 or more pieces

Ideas: Poster, Flyer, Junk Mail, Business Card, Print Ad, Bus Banner, Body Paint

4. What are the most important visual elements for your product and how will you use them?

5. Create Criteria for the pieces you will create and how they will be evaluated.

(Total should be 24 Points)

6. Have your planning and marking criteria approved (Date & initial below)

7. Create your pieces using either a variety of software, or cut-and paste

KEY CRITERIA: Proposal signed, pieces work together, professional design, explain what matters for marking

Create a piece (or more) that would appeal to a different demographic.

– What is your new demographic, how will you appeal to them?

– How do you need to modify your items?

– Create them!

Gallery of Samples