What a crazy Term 3! The book is almost done, but we have had to make some changes:

  • We created a couple of spreads about the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Combined some sports pages to drop the sports that did not happen
  • Thank you to the staff that sent photos and replied to the survey!

We also need to think about distribution.

  • We will print as planned and books will arrive in June.
  • We will distribute in June if possible.
  • If June is not possible, we could create a PDF and make it available to everyone in JUNE, then give out the books in September

We need to plan for next year

  • What will the next book look like?
  • Editors will work on that< remotely/li>

Term 3 Review

  • T3 Assignment can still be completed.
  • If you can download and install InDesign, you can create your T3 Ideas.
  • I have put a few pages you can modify here The password is our theme! (Check your e-mail)


  • I have Yearbook T-Shirts whenever we DO distribute of see each other again!
  • Be safe and stay 6 feet away!