Photo Types

Take photos of different types and styles

ART is to Beautify, interact, or think —or all three


Create content for your blog time to start theme photography

You will need the following categories in your Blog

Everything Food
In Transit
No Face
People & their Phones
Wild Side
Leading lines
Frame within a frame
Camera position
Subject position

Start taking photos and sort them into these folders
This is an ongoing project and will be evaluated at the end of the Term.
– These folders should contain NEW photos, not items recycled from your photo roll.
– take lots of photos and put them in the categories
This is a photography course, and you should like taking lots of photos
(more details and requirements to come)

Tips & suggestions:
– Your BEST three photos should be at the top (they might change over the term)
– If you ONLY have three, you will earn ‘Applying’ on this assignment – if you have lots, or a variety, you can earn ‘Extending’
– Use the ‘Learning your Camera’ assignment to create some of these images, and keep adding more from later assignments as well

Gallery of Samples