Use photography to explain a task or activity. This could be a recipe, how to fold origami, do makeup or assemble a carburetor. Your series of pictures should be a step-by-step instruction on what to do. Your final product could be a slide show, PowerPoint or PDF booklet (InDesign)


• Come up with an activity or sequence of photos
• Make a list of needed images (use back of page)
• You should use AT LEAST 10 images in your instructions – more is better!
• Include a synopsis of what you are trying to explain / demonstrate
• Get the idea OK’s by your teacher BEFORE YOU START! Date & initial below
• Take your photos. Take extras, or images from multiple angles to make sure you have enough.
• Figure out Captions / instructions that will go with each photo
• Have a classmate check your work to see if they ‘get it’ – Make adjustments as needed!

  • Do the Explanations go with the photos?
  • Which step could use improvement? What should be changed?
KEY CRITERIA: Proposal complete BEFORE you start, 10+ photos with clear instructions, vetted by classmate

Assemble your instructions – choose one of these:
• Use Powerpoint to add text to your images (no need for fancy transitions)
• Use Photoshop to add text to each image and place images in correct order in a blog / Instagram
• Use InDesign to place images and text to make an instruction booklet

Video Explanation

Gallery of Samples