InDesign is the tool MOST needed to create layouts and designs. It is where all your other files come together to create your ‘products’.
It is essential to know how to use it, especially for modifying text.
NOTE: If you are new to InDesign, or are unsure of yourself, you can complete Assignment #6 in Graphics 1 or 2


PART 1: Text Control
– Pick a phrase or saying, such as: “You do not have to shout to be heard”
– Create a 3 page document in InDesign and create 3 different ways of placing the text
o One that fills most of the page with a good size text – use a simple sans serif font
o One that uses different weight for different words (use bold or a stroke) as well as unique placement
o One that uses negative leading so letters overlap (use Kerning to get letters closer together)
(See the example PDF for the finished product)

PART 2: Layout Impact
– Create seven different layouts, using same photo and piece of text.
– Choose one photo and write 100 words to go with the photo that you can use in each layout.
o Large photo with small text (photo 80%)
o Small photo with large text (photo 20% max)
o Photo in bottom 1/3
o Photo and Text equal size
o ½ Page photo
o Abstract photo sliver and rotated text
o Photo in unique shapes with text wrap.
(See the PDF for examples and explanations)

Part 3: Create a Playbill:
Advertise for an event/concert. Use at least 7 different ‘levels’ of fonts
Make 2 versions of the playbill, highlighting different aspects of the event.


Export your 12 page InDesign File to a PDF, with all steps included.
Submit the file electronically; use your name and block in the file name!


Fonts, correct placement, consistency, 12 page PDF submitted

Gallery of Samples