Course Fees


Courses are funded at a minimum level from the School Board, which covers very basic supplies.
As we try to run a complex and engaging program, the extra course fee allows us to use more complex materials, print in colour and allow students to take more materials home.
Please see the chart below for fees that apply to your course.
(These fees are the same for ALL Vancouver Schools)

VSB Funding
Supplemental Materials we buy with the fees:
Animation 11&12 $8.08 $30 Clay, Lego, Colour Papers, Armature Materials, Professional Software licences
Design 11 $8.08 $30 3D Printing, Colour Printing, Packaging Materials, Silk screen T-Shirts
Graphics 9/10 $8.08 $25 Colour Printing, Buttons, Silkscreen T-Shirts
Graphics 11&12 $8.08 $30 Colour Printing, Buttons, Silkscreen T-Shirts
Photo 9/10 $4.04 $20 Film, Photo paper, Colour printing
Photo 11&12 $4.04 $30 Film, Photo paper, Colour printing
How to Pay

The VSB has moved to online payments wherever possible.  You should receive a notification that a fee is available to be paid as soon as the course is added to your timetable. To register for payment, please go to:

For now we are also taking cash and cheque payments, but please be aware these take several days to process as our school accountant has get the recorded payment from each teacher, then manually enter them into School Cash Online, before it shows as paid and you are not sent extra reminders.

Vintage Yearbooks
If you would like to buy a vintage yearbook, please check with me if there are copies available.
Cost is $40 for the book, plus $15 for shipping. If you pay via Paypal, please ensure to include your name and the year of the book your are ordering.