PROMOTIONAL POSTER – Place, Event or Acitivity


You need to do this project on paper, using the computer to create some of the materials only.
Choose an activity or event (School or other) you want to promote, or a location anywhere in the world.
Collect enough images to illustrate your idea, and think of text (Headlines, Slogans or Captions) that would make your point.
You will have to graphically explain the attraction of your chosen subject.


Text: At least a Headline and slogan, or several captions / key points
Size: 15 x 22 or 20 x 30”, horizontal or vertical. (That’s a minimum of 4 sheets of paper)
Media: Cut paper; sketches, drawings, no color restriction. – USE A VARIETY
Layout: Use Elements of Design, including the Golden Ratio / Rule of 1/3 when designing.


(write out these answers before you start)
– Symbols / places / actions that represent your subject? (Countries: Eiffel Tower, Maple Leaf, Pyramids)
– What is typical of your topic or what can represent your theme?
– What do you want to highlight about your location / activity? – think of at least 4 ideas / categories
– What ‘feel’ do you want to end up with – what colours would work, what shapes would be good?


1. Look at the Elements of Design on the Website.
2. Make a sketch with some ideas
3. Write a short paragraph, what is your ‘message’ what Design Elements are you using.
4. Get this approved before you start to design your poster! Date:___________ Initial: ______
5. Create your poster


Preliminaries done, Message, Elements of Design, Overall Appeal


Create this for an actual School event, activity or club, and it is used / copied – For bonus marks

Gallery of Samples