LOCATION PROMOTION – Information Design


Create an ad or magazine spread that advertises a venue, store or event, that ties in with your product

Include THREE maps that help people locate the venue. These three maps could be:

  • Three different locations (for three different stores for example)
  • Three modes of Transport (Transit, Driving, Cycling) maps on how to reach the location.
  • Three different scales (Local entrances, neighbourhood and section of city)

Google Maps rules, but you can create your own maps based on the information you want to present.

  • Often these types of maps are NOT to scale but explain the relative location of objects.

The maps you create have to be part of a promotional piece that relates to the marketing of you product.

What to include:

Create a map that shows the area around your venue, with symbols and a legend as needed.

  • Use Illustrator to create your maps, make them small – no larger than 3×3 inches each
  • Add a Legend or Key and content that necessitates the map (where are you sending your reader and why)

Include a large enough area, so your maps show:

  • The nearest landmark building (Community Centre, School, Library, Store, etc.)
  • Your Venue
  • Street Names

Choose symbols and a Key as needed to make a legend that works for ALL your maps.

  • Choose colours for different types of places, Bus routes and roads

KEY CRITERIA: Three unique maps, event / location relevant to your product. Legend done in InDesign

How to Video

Map Video Instructions

Gallery of Samples

These are map samples only. Yours should match with Page content!