Elements of D



Use Elements of design to take some interesting photos.
Including these in your everyday photos will help you take GREAT pictures. Like everything else, this takes practice!

USE THE RULE OF THIRDS! Here is a rule that will help you to compose a super picture almost every time:

• In your mind, divide the picture area into thirds, like a TIC-TAC-TOE grid.

• Place the most important part of your picture, your center of interest, at one of the four places where the lines cross. (NOT ON THE X!)

• Try to place the horizon lines on one of the dividing lines


Take AT LEAST five pictures each of Pattern, Lines, Shape, Texture.
Half your photos should be landscape (Camera sideways) HALF Portrait (Camera turned 90 degrees)
Pattern – repeated shapes that make a pattern or design – but not a photo of a pattern (fabric etc.)
Lines – Lines should lead your eye through the photo, not just make a pattern!
Shape – the shape of your object or the pose of your model is what makes the photo
Texture – You should be able to see what the subject would feel like to touch

FOR PHOTO 2 & 3 Students doing this as a CHOICE, all photos should have a common THEME, MOOD, LOOK or other unifying component.


Post all photos on your Blog or use InDesign to hand in your work
Group and label your sets of photos or pages with the category of picture.
Choose your BEST image from each category and make it larger than the others.
Add a text box and write why you think the large photo is best, and how the Element of Design affects how we look at the photo.

KEY CRITERIA: Rule of Thirds, Elements show well, variety, well presented
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