Create a Website or Blog to show your work

For the remote portion of the course, you will need to create an online presence for yourself. Depending on what technology you have available, this could be a Blog or a Website.

Blogs can be created from your phone. I created this one in about 5 minutes using my phone. If you have a gmail account, Blogger is the easiest, but you can choose any you want. (Just make sure it is NOT used for things beside school, as I do NOT want to see your regular social media feeds!)

If you prefer to build a website, here are 10 options for free websites. Again you can use any you like, but it should NOT be used for things beside school work.


Set up the Blog or Website, give it a unique name and customize it. Add some photos or graphic designs to the Blog or Site if you can.


Make your first post

  • Use the ‘My Favourite Photo’ assignment
  • Or post some recent photos you have taken and explain their context


Send me a link to your Blog or Page, or add me as a subscriber, and make sure i get a notification when you update, so I can give you feedback and evaluation