Magazine Mood Board


This assignment is intended to help you brainstorm the look and content of your magazine. You will refer back to this to complete the remaining assignments this year. If you end up changing the look of your Magazine, you will have to justify and explain your decisions


Collect materials for each of the three aspects of your design. These could be collected in a Scrapbook, or in an InDesign document.

PART 1: Image Styles
o Find at least 6 photos that represent the look of your magazine
o Find some graphics or designs that match your theme

PART 2: Typography and Colours
– Pick fonts for the main parts of your design – if you take these from Magazines you need to find an equivalent on our computers, or download a compatible font.
o Body text (8-12 pt)
o Captions for Photos (Similar to Body font but easily distinguished)
o Main Headlines (30 pts or larger)
o Secondary Headlines (16-30 compliments Main Headline)
o Credits / Titles (6-8pts to go in edges of photos or pages)
– Pick a set of 5 or 6 colours you will use in your magazine
o Save the colours as swatches or blocks
 You can use a website like kuler to make your selection

PART 3: Layouts / Spreads
– Find some examples of layouts and designs that you would like to include in your Magazine
o 2 examples of covers you like
o At least 3 spreads you like (a spread are two pages side by side)
o At least 6 design elements you like (Colour bars, borders, etc)


Quantity and variety of collected samples. Styles, Typography, Layout samples, neatly presented.


Write a two sentence explanation why you chose / like for each selection

Gallery of Samples