1.618033988749895 = THE GOLDEN RATIO


All around us, you can find the Golden Ratio. It has been used since the time of the Pyramids as a tool for design. See where you can find it in yourself and then create a design using this ratio


Go to: Goldennumber.net and look at the Site Contents.
1. Read the overview if you need more information
2. Go to the LOGOS page and list three examples where the golden ratio is used
• Product__________________ Where it is used: ___________________________________
• Product__________________ Where it is used: ___________________________________
• Product__________________ Where it is used: ___________________________________
3. On the BODY page, look at the various ratios in your body.
See if you have an ‘average’ body. Measure the three places the green line is used:
• The width of your shoulders ______________cm
• The length of your forearm (Including your hand) ______________cm
• The length of your shin bone (mid-knee to ankle) ______________cm
• Are all measurements the same? If they are not, what would be a possible explanation? Write a Paragraph
4. Now check how proportional your face is.
a. Take a photo according to the instructions below
b. Open “Golden Ratio.indd” from the GRAPHICS/InDesign folder on your desktop.
c. Import your photo and replace the model’s face with yours. – Don’t distort your face!
d. Create the flipped and mirrored image the template helps you create


Three Uses of logos, complete body measurements, paragraph explaining what is off. Photo taken correctly and aligned without distortion – mirror you face


Reflect and expand – write a paragraph on a new page / piece of paper / text box in InDesign and submit:
In step 4 above, explain where your face does not fit and how your face is different when the two halves are mirrored


Face directly into the camera so that your face isn’t turned right or left even slightly. Place the tips of your index fingers straight against the holes in your ears. Do not put your fingers into your ears. Now, tilt your head up or down until the bottoms of your right and left irises (the round colored part of your eye) are aligned on the top of an imaginary line connecting the tops of your index fingers, as seen through the camera lens/viewfinder. Let the person taking the picture tell you when you’re in the right position.
From: http://www.beautyanalysis.com/index2_mba.htm