Graphic Arts & Photography Grading

I am trying to use evaluation as learning. Please show me your work as you progress, so I can give you feedback and let you know what to improve

Once done, show me your work and I will give you feedback. Once you submit, I will give you a grade based on the criteria below:

What the grade means.
0 0 Not submitted
1 1 or 2 Incomplete. You will get feedback and be asked to resubmit
2 3 Basic requirements met. Some parts missing or in need of improvement
4 Complete. Could have gone further or taken more care in execution
3 5 Excellent. All points covered, creative and done with care

If you would like to improve your grade, you can re-submit improved work, or if you have time at the end of term, you can submit extra assignments for bonus marks.

Any questions about your progress or status? Please get in touch!