VINYL CUTTING – Designing T-shirts or other stencils


You should be comfortable around Illustrator at this point. Now you get to create designs for T-shirts or Equipment.


– Create DESIGN that you would like to put on a t-shirt or a piece of equipment.
– You can start with existing images and add to them, or do your own.
– When looking for images, try to find VECTOR images not BITMAPS so you do not have to rely on ‘live trace’.
– Any copyrighted design needs to be modified before you can use the image..
– The more unique your image, the better your mark.

– Images need to be converted to OUTLINES, so the Vinyl Cutter can print them
– check the ‘how to’ guide for details
– Submit your image for printing
– When printed, remove the unwanted parts and adhere to your object, or heat transfer to your t-shirt
– If you do multiple colours, you have to make sure these are separated into individual objects or files


Complexity of Design, quality of ‘weeding’


Create a design that uses more than one colour, and ensure items ‘register’ or line up correctly

How to Guide & Video

Gallery of Samples