CREATE A MAP – Information Design


Google Maps rules, but we often have to create our own maps based on the information we want to present.
Often these types of maps are NOT to scale, but explain the relative location of objects.

In this assignment you will create a map that shows the most important places around your chosen Venue (this could be a restaurant, store, concert, etc.)
The map has to be part of an InDesign Page that fits with the content of your Magazine -> where you want to send your reader?.


Create a map that shows the area around your venue, with symbols and a legend as needed.
o Use Illustrator to create your map.
o Bring your map into InDesign and add a Legend or Key
o Use a Letter size document to create the map in Illustrator.
o Add content to the InDesign page that necessitates the map (where are you sending your reader and why)

Include a large enough area, so your map shows:
o The nearest public building (Community Centre, School or Library)
o At Least one Corner Store or Restaurant
o Your Venue
o Street Names

Choose symbols and a Key as needed to make the legend in one corner of your map.
o Choose colours for different types of places, Bus routes and roads
o You can place the Key or legend as a separate item in InDesign


Export your InDesign page with the map as a JPEG or PDF and submit.
à Add this page to your Magazine


All items there, professional look


Add Transit information (Stops, Routes) and make sure this is reflected in your Key / Legend.

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