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This will tie together the work done so far. You will re-create the logo design you created last assignment on the computer, using the Photoshop and Illustrator skills you learned at the start. You will then create a set of Business Stationary for your company using InDesign, putting all your skills so far to use!


1. Re-create your paper Design for your business, using Illustrator.
2. Make AT LEAST 4 versions, experimenting with colours and effects
– Design colour backgrounds or graphic elements that compliment your text.
– You can use Illustrator or Photoshop
• If using Illustrator, check with your instructor if there are specific tools that would simplify your design or for suggestions
• If using Photoshop, make sure your image is large enough resolution!
3. You get marks for the complexity of your logo, so make sure you do a good job!


1. Go to Graphics / InDesign / StationaryTemplate.indd and open the file.
2. Save the file to your own directory.
3. Use your Logo and extra Information to create a ‘look’ for your business card.
4. Copy the elements onto the Letterhead, and modify so it ‘works’ as Stationary
(There has to be room for text to be typed)
5. Create an Envelope design. Keep the same look as the Letterhead.
– Keep the design small, the Envelope has to be ‘mailable’
6. Create ONE (or TWO for TOP TEN) Forms that could be part of your business.
a. Keep the same look as the Letterhead
b. Menus, Invoices, Ads, Pricelists, Specials, Product specs are all good ideas
c. Make them look professional! – look on the web for samples and ideas.


Use your Name and block in the filename, and SUBMIT files (Both InDesign and Illustrator files so I can see all designs)
Complete the Self-evaluation below & hand in this sheet


Logo quality and complexity, Forms complete with consistent theme and look, complexity


– the second form with unique content

Advanced Illustrator

Gallery of Samples