Create a set of Greeting Cards around a common theme. Each Card should use a photo as part of the design. You should use photos as backgrounds (blurred) or made into abstract images, using the variety of filters available in Photoshop. Each card will also need a message or sentiment. They should all have something in common. You can be sappy, funny, risqué or abstract, but the ‘grandmother rule’ applies


– Decide on a Theme, and work out the text or messages.
o For ideas check out the cards in your local store or go to a Greeting Card Site online
– Make a list of photo ideas that would fit your theme / mood
o This could be objects, situations or locations
– Come up with ideas for at least 5 cards
o Each Card should have at least:
 One image & message on the front
 A partial message and a greeting on the inside
 A © with your name on the back (you can add your ‘brand’ as well)
– Have your theme ideas OK’d BEFORE your take pictures
– Take MORE photos than you need (better to have extras, than to have to shoot again)
– Create your Cards in InDesign
o Start a new 4 page document for each card, choose a size / format you like
o Add your images and text to each card
o Export each card as a PDF – make sure it shows correctly
– Submit 5 PDF files in ONE folder that has your name in the folder name


Good Synopsis, list of ideas. 5 complete cards with images and messages


Set up character styles and pre-set fonts that you will use on each card, so you can use your first card as a template for your subsequent ones. Include Your Indesign file with the styles as part of your project.

Gallery of Samples