Create a Calendar for next year

Choose a set of images, graphics or photos that have a consistent theme.

This is a great chance to include your own photography or art, and they can also make a great present!



1. Determine your target audience and concept for your calendar – Friends, Grandparents, or for sale at a store?

– Choose any theme you like – but make sure it is something you would actually want to look at!

– Use your own photos or artwork

– You can also create some of images in Pho­toshop and Illustrator.

– Check for some ideas

2. Make a quick plan and have it approved.  Date:__________  Initial:__________

3. Spend no more than 1 class looking for images to use – or you will run out of time!

4. Create your calendar – there is a template ready for you to use!

5. Add at least 10 dates and events to your Calendar

6. Customize the font template used for the calendar and change the fonts of the months

7. Make sure there is consistency between the pages and that they match your planning criteria.

8. Follow the instruction on the template to get the right images with the right months.

9. Do something creative (collage, message, etc) with the blank center page


Check the Criteria sheet to make sure you are on track and submit when complete.


KEY CRITERIA: Approved plan, unique fonts, dates customized, good center page / collage

–          Add not only images, but also some designs or effects created in Illustrator and/or Photoshop

–          Create text art out of your months (think back to assignment #1)

–          Submit the original AND modified files for marking

–          List what you did that should get you extra marks:

Graphic Design Elements

Own Photos / artwork

Photoshop Editing

Additional Photos added

30+ Dates entered

other: explain:


Gallery of Samples