Making Buttons (or stickers) in Illustrator / Photoshop


Crate a number of buttons, using the design tools you have learned.



1.       Create a number of button designs, using the tools we have learned.

a.       You can use any software you like

b.       Images have to be YOUR creation (not downloaded)

c.        Submit RAW files (Photoshop layers, uncombined vector images, etc..)

d.       Create at least 5 unique designs

2.       Place your designs so you waste the least amount of space, and make sure they fit the template.

3.       Do a Black and White test Print to see how the picture will come out.

4.       Complete your self evaluation.

5.       Submit your design for marking and printing on the colour printer.

6.       If you want to make actual buttons, the first one is free, after that they cost $1 each for the hardware.



–          5 different button designs

–          All images should fit the template for the button size of your choice

–          DROP FILE ON ‘SUBMIT’ FOLDER, Use your Name & Block in Name

–          Write your filename here: _________________________________________


KEY CRITERIA: Overall impression, complexity, effort, neat ideas,

– Make sure to have a social or political message in some of your designs.

Illustrator Line Art Video

Gallery of Samples