Binder Reno

Create a ‘TRANSITION’ design on a binder

  1. Think of a THEME for your binder (Food, Contact sports, Hair, Eyes etc)

My theme is: __________________________________________  ex: Contact Sports


  1. What 5 steps will you use in the SIDE-TO-SIDE progression of your Collage?
  2. ____________________________________________________ ex: No Contact (golf)
  3. ____________________________________________________ ex: Limited Contact (Baseball)
  4. ____________________________________________________ ex: Some Contact (Soccer)
    1.  d. ____________________________________________________ ex: High Contact (Football)
  5. ____________________________________________________ ex: Full Contact (Wrestling)


KEY CRITERIA: Theme evident, steps in progression, all space used well


Include a TOP-TO-BOTTOM progression on your binder as well as a side-to-side one. What will you use?

______________________________________________________ ex: Light to dark Jerseys

Get this all approved BEFORE you start cutting out images! Date:_______ OK: ______

Once this is approved create your collage on your binder or another folder, and submit for grading

TIP: Use larger images or it will take forever to finish the binder

Gallery of Samples