Graphic Arts & Photography Production Choices

You can see all choice assignments in the menu above, based on the type of project they are.

X- means the assignment is an appropriate choice for Photo or Graphics

If there is a number or code, this shows where the assignment is part of the curriculum of a course

All of these assignments should be completed in 3-5 classes

Hands On - While you might need a computer, you definitively need to build something by hand
Design and Layout - Mostly done with InDesign plus a few extra tools
Graphic Arts and Design - Creative design, using Illustrator and some Photoshop
Photography - Use Film, Digital, Filters, Studio and lots of light to do these
Photoshop - Modify your own images, combine them with others and create special effects
You can also create your own assignment, using Independent Study Criteria.
Speak to your teacher if you have an idea for a project not found in these lists