Due Dates

Photo 1 Graphics 1 Animation 1
10 Camera Trickery (D) 14-Dec 9 Vector Basics / Map 13-Dec 22 Lip Synch Pro 13-Dec
11 Action Sequence (D) 9-Jan V2 Infographic (Information) 11-Jan 23 Controlling Timing 11-Jan
12 PS Face Swap / Hybrid Animal 19-Jan V3 Making Money (Editorial) 18-Jan 24 Precision Shooing 22-Jan
13 Cropping for Effect (ID) 25-Jan V4 Making Buttons (Promotion) 30-Jan 25 Multiple Layers of Action 11-Feb
14 Digital Studio Photos 1-Feb V5 Uniform Design 11-Feb Start planning final project
Photo 2 Graphics 2/3 Silk Screen Animation 1.5
10 Lighting Theory 14-Dec 9 Silk Theory & Paper 13-Dec 31 Characterization Questions 5-Dec
11 Studio Photos – Person 9-Jan S2 Drawn Stencils (2 colour) 11-Jan 32 Fly-by and Reaction 22-Jan
12 Painting with Light 17-Jan S3 Photo Emulsion Silk 22-Jan 33 Chromakey Interaction – Mixing Media 22-Jan
13 Levitation 25-Jan S4 Working with Line Art 1-Feb 34 Reference Video and Rotoscoping 11-Feb
14 Surrealism 8-Feb S5 Multi Colour Silk 19-Feb Start planning final project
Photo 3 Graphics 2/3 Advanced Graphics Animation 2
10 Lighting Theory 14-Dec AG1 CD Case Design 13-Dec 41 2D Flash 18-Jan
11 Studio Photos 9-Jan AG2 Promo Collage 11-Jan 42 3D Blender 27-Feb
12 Digital Botox & Ageing 19-Jan AG3 Advertising Pieces 23-Jan Start planning final project
13 Updating an Image 31-Jan AG4 Movie Poster 1-Feb
14 Create an Ad 14-Feb AG5 Vinyl Cut 13-Feb