Due Dates

Photo 1 Graphics 1 – Animation Advanced Graphics
18 Make an Ad (or Spoof) 5-Apr A2 Flip Book 18-Apr AG2 Event Poster 18-Apr
19 Theme Photos (D) 17-Apr A3 Storyboarding 18-Apr AG3 Advertising Pieces 30-Apr
20 Elements of Design (D) 30-Apr A4 Cut Animation 9-May AG4 Movie Poster 13-May
21 Day in Life / Animation 10-May A5 Pivot 23-May AG5 Promo Collage 27-May
22 Natural Light Portraits 28-May A6 3D Character ‘Exploration’ 14-Jun AG6 Mini Me 14-Jun
Photo 2 3D Printing Magazine Design
17 Light & Motion (F) 03-Apr D2 3D Precision (LEGO) 24-Apr P1 Mood Board 18-Apr
18 Make-an-Ad 17-Apr D3 3D Name Plate 3-May P3 Magazine Design 30-Apr
19 Choice: Working with Stencils 30-Apr D4 Product Research & Creation 22-May P4 Map / Card Design 13-May
OR Choice: Photoshop Collage D5 Logo Design – Paper & PC 31-May P5 Social Action 27-May
+ 3 More CHOICES 30-May D6 Packaging Design 14-Jun P6 Instruction Manual 14-Jun
Photo 3 ARTS NIGHT Animation 1&2
16 Sell your House 04-Mar 15-May 41 Final Project 14-Jun
+ 5 More CHOICES 30-May 6-8 PM